Terry Martin


Journalist | Businessman | Republican

Illinois Primary:

June 28, 2022


Fighting for the middle class

As a journalist covering federal and state government policies for three decades, Terry Martin has developed a strong sense of how to tackle key issues facing Americans, including:

High Energy Prices

Terry has a plan to make America energy independent as we transition to lower-cost, earth-friendly resources.

National Security

We're living in a dangerous, complex world. America must maintain the strongest deterent force to keep this nation safe.


People have a right to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. Terry's plan is tough on crime, but smart on treating the root cause.

Border Security

Terry understands that a chaotic border hurts our economy and is dangerous for communities.

An award-winning journalist who is ready to lead.

Terry Martin has been reporting on key issues facing Americans for more than 30 years. He's developed well-thought out opinions on how to tackle some of this nation's most troublesome problems.

The father of three sons, Terry Martin has lived over 25 years in Sangamon County. As the former Capitol Bureau Chief for WAND News, and as the founder of The Illinois Channel, he's met with business and political leaders across the state and the 13th Congressional District.

Terry Martin is running for Congress in the 13th District of Illinois. He has never sought public office previously but brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to his campaign.

When he was just out of college, he took over his father’s printing business, four years after his father’s passing. The business was on the verge of bankruptcy, the economy then under the Carter Administration, was the worst since the Great Depression. But with determination, he saved the business and rebuilt it and later was able to sell it to move on to his dream vocation: journalism.

After selling the business and moving to Washington, DC, Terry entered graduate school at American University, receiving his Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. He went to work at C-SPAN in Washington on the Congressional team, as the Producer of US Senate coverage.

Moving with his family to Springfield, Illinois in 1997, Terry Martin became the Capitol Bureau Chief for WAND-TV News, where he covered the Jim Edgar and George Ryan administrations. During that time he also produced award-winning feature stories, reporting on the people and communities, the farmers and businesses across Central Illinois from Springfield to Decatur to Champaign-Urbana.

Among Illinois lawmakers and lobbyists, he earned a reputation as a serious journalist who went in-depth on the issues, and whose experience in covering the US Congress, and as a former business owner himself, gave him insights into issues unique among the press corps. That professionalism won him awards from the Chicago Medical Society, the Champaign County Medical Society, as well as an award from the Associated Press.

Working with Former Governor Jim Edgar and former US Senator Paul Simon, who were interested in having a "CSPAN for Illinois," Terry Martin was selected to lead the study to establish such an entity, a study organized through the University of Illinois-Springfield.

That research led to the formation of The Illinois Channel — a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which was incorporated in January 2002, with Terry again leading the newly formed corporation as he created a cable network of stations across Illinois.

The Illinois Channel became the FIRST broadcast entity to videostream its programming. It became the first television broadcaster to be allowed by the Illinois Supreme Court to record their oral arguments using multiple cameras. In fact, based upon the quality of the Illinois Channel’s coverage, the Illinois Supreme Court later decided to install cameras in their chamber to record all their proceedings.

So impressed with his coverage of the Supreme Court, interviews with Justices, and coverage of legal conferences, then Chief Justice Rita Garmen ask Mr Martin to Chair a committee to select applicants, who were seeking appointment to be a Circuit Judge for Macoupin County.

Now, after 30 years of covering Washington and Illinois government, Terry Martin is seeking election to the US House of Representatives in the newly drawn 13th District. He brings his knowledge of Washington, Congress, and his history of covering the issues, the people, and the challenges which face our educators, farmers, our small businesses.

With his vast experience covering public policy issues, Terry Martin is ready to again serve in the US Capitol. THIS time, as a Member of Congress from the 13th District of Illinois!

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